Seminar #2 No Limit  
           "Live Tournament Training" format 
                 Great tournament tune up!

  • After one hour of review and instruction we will play a tournament .
  • I may play also. 
  • Will pass out "mistake" buttons as the hand is played. 
  • After the hand is completed I will do a complete hand analysis of the action and provide advice and suggestions.
  • Question and answers after each hand. 
  • If I observe any "tells" I will inform the student. 
  • Short stack play will be discussed and demonstrations provided.  This is a "fun" and very effective seminar.
  • PLUS!  The "winner" of the tournament training winner will receive a CARD PROTECTOR ($15.00 value).  
  • This is a seminar that can be taken again for a "tune up" for a big tournament since the instruction and analysis changes due the hands dealt and flop varies.

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