You can master Poker Math (Pot Odds) and never make a bad call again by viewing this slide presentation. Sent via email for fast download. You can also print out, staple and have a booklet for review.  Copyrighted unique memory method.

You need to quickly compute the CARD ODDS (odds against you making your drawing hand), then use those odds vs the pot size vs your opponent's wager to determine if the pot is large enough to make the call.  Outs alone won't work...percentages won't work unless you are a math expert.
                            My format uses 98% NO MATH!

View the slide - use the memory aids.  Practice.
View slides again, or print out and review.  Should take about an hour of memory practice and you have memorized the card odds for the five most common drawing hands AND how to determine the card odds for ANY drawing hand.  No more guessing & bad calls.

This is by far the most popular section of my live seminars.

Here are some common drawing situations how fast can you answer. (My students do in :03 - :05 seconds).

1.  How much must be in pot to call a $50.00 wager when you have a open-end straight draw on flop and will be all in? $_____
2.  What is the formula to find the card odds for any drawing hand?
3.  What are the odds of making this draw on the turn? Flush draw and open end straight draw?

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