Plus 6 additional items! Reference cards, etc. 
40+ subjects! You will improve your game with every page. 
Testing of Current Knowledge! Card Odds! Pot Odds! PreFlop Odds! General Knowledge! Testing!
The Basic Skills of of Texas Hold’Em`
Focus Pre- Flop & After the Flop
NEW! © “E” Concept! Starting Hands vs. Position.
Possibility vs Probability
"Card Odds vs Pot Odds vs Pot Size.
Pot Odds Formula & Examples
Pot Odds Quiz -Implied Odds - Flop Structure! Good, Bad, Ugly.
Bet Size After Flop - Possible Straight Draws
Double Belly Buster Straight Draws! Confusing Opponents!
Betting Patterns1 Betting Strategy
Pocket Aces & Kings - Playing AK
Caution! Raises on Turn and Reading the Board
Flush Data! Danger of playing Ax or “any two” Suited
Memorize %/Odds for “All-In” Hand Match Ups
Raise on Turn Info! Opponent on Flush Draw?
Playing Sets & Small Pair
Fold Equity! How to Use in Tournaments!
Survive Short Stack in Tournaments!
Correct Short Stack Play!
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